Karam SA 09 – Aluminium Point Anchor

Aluminium anchorage device

Key Features
  • This point-anchor is compact, made of Aluminium Alloy, highly corrosion resistant and can be bolted on any structure with the help of 2 screw-bolts. The anchorage provided by its eye-bolt has been tested to withstand the impact load in all the 3 axis, and hence provides the highest level of safety.Structures on which it can be mounted :
    • On Concrete structures having minimum width of 125mm.
    • Metal Structures using Metal Bolts.

    Technical Description :

    • Material : Aluminium Alloy.
    • Minimum Breaking (System) Strength : 5000lbs/23kN.
    • Finish : Natural Silver.
    • Net Weight : 308gms.
    • Conforms to EN 795 : 2012 Type A & ANSI Z 359.1 : 2007.

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