AlphaTec 3000 AVANT AIRline – Model 754

These breathable nitrile work gloves offer an improved design that delivers up to 30% more breathability. For all day, everyday comfort.

Key Features
  • Exceptional protection, over 200 chemicals permeation tested, including chemical warfare agents
  • Welded and taped seams, our highest barrier to liquids and particulates
  • Panoramic visor design ensures a good field of vision for the wearer
  • A range of sleeve options available, including double cuffs and permanently attached chemical protective gloves.
  • HEPA filter provides secondary protection from airline contamination and a SMC silencer ensures the noise inside the suit is always below 70 dB (even at maximum airflow).
  • Suit/Belt mounted regulator complete with a low flow warning whistle the AVANT STS regulator can be mounted on the suit and removed for reuse providing cleaning and decontamination is permissible.
  • Emergency rip cord permits rapid doffing of the suit in cases of emergency or undue distress to the wearer
  • Attached sock boots with anti-slip PVC sole – Designed to allow soft or protective safety shoes to be worn inside and offer limited resistance to slip

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