Allegro Venturi Blowers

Models: 9518-03S, 9518-03, 9518-06, 9518-08, 9518-10

Key Features
  • Compressed air or saturated steam is the power source for our Venturi Blower line.
  • Small volumes of high velocity air (from the compressed air source) run through the casting and out the nozzle jets, creating a venturi action or pulling action that creates large volumes of air through the venturi and out the air diffuser. A 1/2” hose with a “crows foot” connection is recommended from your air supply source to the side inlet connection.
  • The compressor size required can be determined by checking the chart on air consumed at various inlet pressures.
  • Operate this Venturi Blower on air or steam lines limited to 140 psi.

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