Lockout-Tagout Products

Lockout-Tagout Products

  • Safety lockout hasps are used to isolate an energy source using multiple padlocks. A hasp is placed through the isolating point and closed, allowing each authorised person to place their own padlock on it. The system is then locked out, preventing any re-energising until all padlocks are removed.
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  • Cable lockouts are ideal for situations where there is a need to lockout multiple energy sources with one device or where the design / placement of the energy sources prevents other types of lockouts from being used. Use the flexible cable to tie off the energy source. The device holds the cable firmly and prevents it from loosening. Several padlocks can be put on the device to ensure the safety of workers.
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  • Valves come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and methods of operation. Whether you have Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Plug Valves, Globe Valves or Butterfly Valves; their method of operation determine the lockout device for the valve. Several valves are manually operated via a handwheel / lever / wrench or the valve might be power actuated e.g. electric motor, hydraulic or pneumatic actuator. Regardless of the method of operation, all valves can be locked out by our various available lockout solutions.
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  • No need to match your lockout device for varying diameters and threads of cylinder caps. Our gas cylinder lockout is adjustable and installs in seconds.
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  • No matter, what kind of HT / LT, Electrical Panels you have in your facility - We have some or the other lockout device for your Switches, MCBs, MCCBs, Breakers, Isolators, Push Buttons, Emergency Stops, Levers, Panel Door Knobs / Locks, Handles, Fuses, etc. And if not - We will be glad to create one for you without obligation. You just have to send us the switch / article for the same.
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  • As per OSHA, all energy sources should be turned off and locked out to protect employees from injuries caused by the accidental startup of equipment under repair and service. To aid in complying with OSHA 1910.147, we offer a complete range of high quality, universal Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices to ensure that electrical energy sources are isolated for optimal work place safety. These Circuit Breaker Lockouts are part of an extensive line of innovative safety devices designed by professionals to protect employees from risks associated with hazardous energy, while meeting safety and regulatory requirements.
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  • Plug lockouts prevent electrical plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet. It is used when the plug is not under the exclusive control of the person performing service or maintenancse.
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  • Isolate pneumatic energy without the expense and inconvenience of installing in-line lockout valves. These quick connectable lockouts are applied to the male fittings, isolating equipment from all compressed air sources.
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  • Safety Lockout Padlocks are available in range of colors to increase visibility and allow workers to readily see if a device is isolated. Padlock numbering / Metal Tagging, Etching on Shackle, Logo and Department Labels, photographs of employees or employee codes etc. on the personalized locks are also available on request and at an extra cost.
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  • Highly visible safety tags aid the safe running and maintenance of site machinery. Each Tag is manufactured from high impact flexible polyvinyl sheets - resistant to water, oil and extreme temperatures, ensuring it will withstand a multitude of weather and factory conditions / harshest environments.
    Their surface allows you to write on them easily with a marker pen.
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  • Keep your workers and visitors safe in your facility with Lockout Signs. Identify energy control points that require lockout and send a clear warning that will help keep workers aware of any potential hazards near equipment, machinery and electricity.
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  • Lockout Posters are a valuable asset to every company, especially when used in conjunction with training and lockout policies. The information will help employees understand lockout and help prevent injuries, and save lives by communicating safe lockout / tagout procedures, instructions.
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  • Simplifies lockout of large equipments and helps ensure maximum security for complex work team situations. After machine or process is locked out, the key or keys of the machines are placed in a lock box. Each authorised work team member places a personal lock on the group lock box. Ensures that no single employee has access to the box unless all employees have removed their locks.
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  • One Piece Safety Lockout Stations are designed to hold Lockout Padlocks, Hasps and Tags at a central location making them accessible to all for isolating equipments easily. These stations come with bold headings and act as a constant reminder to all the personnel to lockout before commencing maintenance work. Built for the toughest conditions, these moulded lockout stations are made from special grade polystyrene mix. Lockout stations can be supplied with or without contents.
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    These quality range of key cabinets offer a simple and affordable solution to your key storage requirement. To manage the keys of lockout padlocks systematically, it is very important to use key cabinets for easy access at the time of requirement and to make the LOTO system functional. They are made of special grade metallic sheet & have locking arrangement.
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  • Lockout stations and kits are equipped with the tools / gadgets that are needed to isolate mechanical and electrical control points.
    These stations are portable or wall mounted.
    Are available in different formats and sizes to take care of the individual needs of machines / departments / location / plants etc.
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  • We offer a wide range of portable lockout kits tailored for specific applications and requirements. One can choose from small pouch kits for locking out circuit breakers, valves, etc. or select our larger tough LOTO Bag Kits (with handle / shoulder carrier) which cover a broad range of mechanical and electrical lockout applications.
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  • As per OSHA, the lockout accessories help in successfully performing the lockout / tagout procedures and policies. They are created as per the requirement of the machines, processes, plant areas, etc.
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